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Banc De Binary on first glance seems to be one of the more professional

Banc De Binary Review

Banc De Binary’s motto ‘ Private Option Bankers’ shows them to be one of the most skilled companies out there, as it gained it’s experience from both the stock and Forex markets. The creators have over a century’s experience in the markets, which stands them in a great position for trading with BBinary. Although the company is not regulated it is clear with regards to information about their location (Trump Tower, New York) and their management configuration. Oren Laurent is the CEO as well as the co- founder of Banc de Binary, he has a great deal of experience and expertise in the financial world. On Banc de Binary’s website there is more information about the company and what they aim to achieve.


Banc De Binary’s trading platforms are all completely web based, which give the obvious advantage of being accessible from anywhere globally. They are all set out with a user friendly design making them useful to both novice and expert traders. There are four main platforms available from Banc de Binary, which offer different designs and uses for people’s varying trading styles:

•Digital Option Pro – This is a similar platform to what you see on most binary trading websites. The simple and effective design makes all forms of analysis available whilst trading in a smooth and easy way.

•Option Builder – Experienced trader’s would often find themselves using this platform whilst trading Binary Options. This platform makes it possible to create and edit your own trade, it is possible to supervise your risk levels and look at insurance trades. How it works:

o1. Choose an asset to trade

o2. Set an termination time up to four hours after the trade has been positioned.

o3. you can set your preferred profit control risk level from the menu.

o4. You then have the option to choose ‘CALL’ if you believe the price will rise at the termination time, or ‘PUT’ if you believe the price will drop.

o5. The final step is to choose how much you want to spend on the trade.

• One Touch Platform- This platforms can lay out anywhere up to 500% and is used by traders who believe an asset will increase to a certain level but are hesitant about how long it will remain at the level.

• Binary Meta – This platform works in the same way as the standard platform, however it is far more advanced with its MT4 base. This means that you are able to not only analyse your trades but also watch them as they go through in real time.


Trading at Banc de Binary is free as they can not integrate spread between the two option ‘call’ and ‘put’. This means that you as a trader will always know the risks involved and you have a prearranged payout. In terns of your actual returns, the one touch platforms can payout the most up to 500%, whereas the in money trade pay at 71%. Trading bonuses (50%) are available for your first deposit, however these fund can’t be taken out until you have trading past a certain point.


There are 4 different expiry times available (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours) as well as 90 different assets that are available to trade.


Banc de Binary are looking to help support people all over the world and are always growing these areas, they have support in seven different languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, Japanese, Russian). As well as supporting people all over the world, our support network is available 24/7.


Banc de Binary’s quote come live from Thomson Reuters so are very reliable, giving accurate prices on all assets available to trade. If you want to withdraw your money it is a quick process taking 2 days through: Moneybookers, Bank Wire, or credit/debit card.

There are many advantages to trading with ban de Binary, as you can use option builder to be in control of the whole trade process. Setting your own expiry times and risk levels can be adapted and changed to different trading methods. Also, there is potential to receive up to 500% payouts!

The negatives of Banc de Binary is that you have little protection due to no regulatory body, the offers and rewards available are nothing out of the ordinary, there is little in the way of training how to use the site etc..


Banc de Binary is a company that people should be happy to use, it is set out in a style that would typically be more associated with Forex trading. The amount of platforms available is very good and the Meta Platform shows itself to be something of the future in terms of what is available with Binary Option trading.







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Banc De Binary Review - Best Binary Options Broker Comparison

By Paul Davies

Paul Davies has been working in the financial industry for almost 20 years now and has been trading binary options since 2008. Paul’s board knowledge of finance has assured him of success throughout his career. Because of his reputation and knowledge of multiple binary options brokers, he was the best person to contact when asking for a detailed review of Banc De Binary.

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Banc De Binary on first glance seems to be one of the more professional companies.

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