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Binary Options Broker Review of OptionFair

Binary Options Broker Review of OptionFair


OptionFair is a binary and FX trading platform for the novice or expert trader. In either case OptionFair can provide users with a comprehensive and enjoyable experience.
In this article you will also be able to decide for yourself whether Option Fair is a scam or a recommended brokerage. We hope to give you the best advice in a positive determination of whether OptionFair is for you or not, based on your preferences in the trading marketplaces.

OptionFair is part of Techfinancials group and is part of the London Stock Exchange. A publicly traded platform, it has an original trading platform, being the first binary options company to be listed on that stock exchange.
For more on the broker, as a financial company that operates in the republic of Cypress, where many financial companies do business, it is licensed by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Seemingly part of the downside to this company’s financial operation is that American or US based customers are not accepted for trading. So while US investors may be able to trade stock in the OptionFair Asset, American binary option traders will not be able to experience the unique features of this platform.

What makes the OptionFair Broker easier to navigate as a platform is the excellent thought and organization put into the listing of assets available to the public. The assets may be arranged by default in order of expiry. Many traders are interested in gaining the most returns in the shortest amount of time possible. Option Fair makes that much more possible than any other brokerage trading platform. The time variable options in trading available exceed expectations in regard to the average trading platform with the ability to gain access to timing of trades.
The trading platform itself makes it very easy to get started because of its simplistic ability to help traders know the parameters they are using to define what they want to trade under any given direction.
Option Fair has one touch trades which allow the user to select whether an option will reach a certain plateau or not. Simplistic as it is, this can be simply defined as reaching a certain line or not.
Another feature that is uniquely available to the OptionFair trader is boundary trading in which the asset is pre-determined to go up or down within a certain range or boundary, and you the user may decide whether you want to go “in” or “out” of this boundary. This is not offered in most other trading platforms.
In most trading platform brokerages it can be either very sticky or else impossible to get out of a trade when you really want to. OptionFair has sort of revolutionized, or rather simplified the process of leaving a trade early by allowing open trades to closed in the “my open trades” portion of the menu in your trading screen as long as it is in the open market position in the allowed time frame.
We will next go into maybe the best part of Optionfair.

The payout possibilities

With a max return of %91 possible in this trading platform, it is maybe the highest available in the market. The percentage of returns will vary based on the types of assets traded and the expiry time. While the highest amount of %91 percent is possible it is much more likely to expect returns of up to %85, still very good as most other international brokerages will allow you to gain back around %75 of your investment on any one trade.
There are also times when you may have a %10-15 refund of the unlucky loss so that you may be able to recoup some of those losses.
There are also many bonus to qualify for as here is how some of those work:
With first time deposits, for getting started you can get a %10 bonus of your deposit up to $499. With a deposit of $500 to $999 you will gain a bonus of %20 and with a deposit of $1000-$5000 you will gain a bonus of %30. Its hard to find these kinds of extra bonuses with brokerages so look for other promotions on their home page as well.
Be careful of fees on withdrawing accounts because there are fees associated with certain types of transfers and/or a certain number of withdrawals/month. The latter may be a $30 fee so check the web site for more information on their types of deposits, transfers, and withdrawals.
Don’t be afraid to put money into their account. They boast being able to get your funds deposited to you within 36 hours to 5 days total, not including weekends. You will have to verify your account by providing proof of identity. This is a normal process and is not a scam. Instead the information provided is safe and secure.

Types of Assets

The types of assets available are not worthy of boasting regarding the most assets available in markets. Keep in mind these assets can go up in the quantity of asset types as promised by the company.
Those available are basically commodities, indices, forex, and stocks.
The commodities available are oil, gold, and silver. There are 16 different combinations of currency pairs available including but not limited to Euro’s, USDs, Australian, and Canadian dollars.
Indices offer a wide range of indexes including all of the major futures.
Stocks are currently offered in 9+ different fortune 500 companies.
Another valuable and dependable sort of feature of the OptionFair trader in review is the customer service.
This portion of the company’s front end is dependable in the fact that most major languages are offered in phone, chat box, or email. A customer friendly support team is really only available in a 9-5 type setting, so that may be an inconvenience for many users who are on a tight schedule.
Keep in mind that they are registered with the CySEC, which means that anything reported to them will be handled as soon as possible if there is some confusion or perhaps distrust on the customer’s part and anyone who is on the inside that is a scammer will be reported and possibly revoked of their license.
There are of course, cases where people claim online that they did not get their deposit back, but if they never replied back in a blog thread, they probably have gotten it back within a reasonable amount of time according to the protected Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Mobile Trading

Mobile trading users may have the ease and simplicity of use integrated with the desktop since the mobile app allow android and apple users to easy navigate their account, get to open trades, and sort through assets complete with times, and other parameters needed to enjoy excellent on the go trading during any lapse in computer use through the trader day.

Educational Tools

In regards to beginners which is one very large market for a brokerage, you have many educational options to use to get up to speed on the fundamentals of trading, including the platform use, strategies, mindset, and other features available to the user per this article to be able to be a fully educated trader when it comes to these assets along the binary trading system.
Most others do offer educational tools such as this whether it’s in ebook type form or video for your convenience. Beginning traders are many times misinformed, and so forth, so gaining the education is undeniably valuable as they learn to use any brokerage platform. The videos and tutorials are available in the educational center section on the left portion of the homepage under the “information” tab.
The distinct and easily accessible advantages of OptionFair, along with the customer service representatives will help with any technical issues experienced make it an ideal fit for the newbies to experience the basic asset classes and timings of quick trades that can be accessed from their various devices as the seek to learn and become more experience in investing their money, eliminating risk, and seeing returns of large gains. Unfortunately though, Option Fair does not offer a test or dummy account for new traders to begin to gain experience but does offered limited 5 risk free trades that basically will refund the first five trades if those first experienced trades were lost according to the amount of trades lost, giving the user a 100% refund on those.
While OptionFair will not of course provide all of the needed training in binary options, basically that will be the responsibility of the new user along with the continued education for the trader to make daily informed decisions.
Tournaments available:
If you are interested in experiencing cash prizes for beating out others and the competition that is in the market, you may want to look at entering tournaments simply by having a registered account. $25,000 prizes are available to the players who can stay the most consistent over long periods of time as experienced traders can hit those goals and receive the extra payouts, as the highest tournament rankings will not depend on the highest volume of or larges dollar amount of traders investments. That will depend largely on the skill of the traders making it fair for everyone to get involved and be rewarded. Be sure to request payout for your prize if you are one of the skilled winners.
To summarize all that is mentioned thus far, here are the many pros of the Option Fair trading platform.

  1. Daily market highlights and market analysis are provided at the start of every day.
  2. There are different types of accounts available for differing levels of traders.
  3. There are high returns, even within 30 seconds!
  4. Large regularly offered bonuses to the most successful and consistent runners, based on skill, and not luck or money.
  5. Mobile trading platform support, with large button making the tough mistake less likely, especially for the beginner.
  6. Higher refund rates of 10% or 15.7%.
  7. Weekend trading support for the 24/7 or weekend warrior.
  8. Perhaps the most unique and user friendly trading platform.

There are a few Cons to the Option Fair trading platform in our review, or the scam alerts if you wish.

  1. A limited asset list.
  2. OptionFair does not allow US traders.
  3. Paypal is not supported.
  4. Support is not always available to speak with depending on hours of operation unless this is updated some time soon.
  5. No demo account.


In conclusion, the OpionFair trading platform allows its design and strategic use in the trading of the various assets to be clean and simplistic, which is not really unique of itself, but more importantly, the trader can experience lucrative trades that have very high returns on a very short amount of allotted time. These returns can be deemed risky indeed to the average beginner since they are most prone to try to use these as a way to make up for losses and since these are done in a matter of seconds there is a very small threshold to work with. Even the experienced trader can lost if betting the house.
OptionFair is also a safe place to hold funds and wait for the long term as conditions in the marketplace certainly jump up or down in many instances as markets try to stabilize.
The one touch and boundaries options give trading in indices, currency pairs, or stocks a definitive, reliable, and fun way to gain more returns on these various markets not limiting the amount of trades you can take which will give you a great chance to earn that extra income on the side, replace your job, or give you a great past time, based on the tournaments, and other bonuses that the company encourages the user to be involved with.
As Option Fair is gaining more and more visitors, according to Alexa’s web rankings the company is in good standing avoiding the “scam” label as much as possible. Keeping a fairly clean record and standing in the internet world, all they have to do is continue to deliver as promised backed by the Securities Commission, backed and almost guaranteed by the fact that they have went to all this work and dedication into the commitment to bring innovative and unique designs, profits, and user friendly experiences in the binary, forex, and other possible trading platforms.

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