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Choosing the right broker is the most important step in binary trading. No matter how profitable your trading statistics is, all you efforts will be in vain, if you have chosen scam broker in the first place. And trust me when i tell you: nowadays more than HALF of all binary brokers don’t have crystal clear reputation. Some of them are total scam, some would cheat if they consider that your payout is bigger than reputational damage due to the unfair withdrawal reject. Yes, most of the brokers WON’T pay the money you won if the sum is too big. The will just block you withdrawal (and your account) under any fake reason. That’s why you must think twice and examine all advantages and disadvantages (and read all the reviews available) before you choose the broker.

Today the subject of our examination is the Opteck broker.

The quality of the official page

The official website of Opteck is I can tell you the secret from my experience. In order to establish the quality of the broker you must examine the quality of its website. Multilingual website is always prefered. As we may see, Opteck presents its services at 10 languages: English, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Italian, German and Turkish.

But the frauds know that the more languages put in the interface, the more trust you can gain, so they use machine translation in order to make the website look multilingual and trustworthy. We asked our expert Maria Kalinina whose native language is Russian to examine the quality of translation of the Opteck’s page. She concluded that there is no doubt that the translation to the difficult Russian language was performed by a native speaker.

This means that this broker really works at different countries and has qualified employees of different nationalities. They say big is solid. And we have all the mark of big company here. I can be sure I won’t be scammed by some 1-day butterfly-website, because I already know that investors and shareholders of this brokerage company have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars just for the correct representation of their product in different countries.


Feedback and support

You can order a consultation directly from the main page using online chat with support or callback plugin. We have tested both this options before writing this review. They answer quickly and politely – and I like that. I don’t like rude people, I also don’t like to wait. My mark for this service is A.


Education and tutorial section

I quickly went through the tutorial section. It’s not very big, but it is informative enough. If you are a newbie in binary options trading, you will find in their education centre everything you need to start: definitions of the termins, basic strategies, advices from their experts.


So far Opteck looks great as a potential binary brokers. The last thing we need to check is regulation, because if the broker is not regulated, it leaves lots of opportunities to cheat. The good news is Opteck is regulated by CySEC. I quote

“ is a trading name of Centralspot Trading Ltd, regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (“CySEC”), under authorization number 238/14. The postal address of the office is: Lophitis Business Centre Office 102 249, 28th October Street Limassol 3035, Cyprus”.

Can you trust Opteck?

Well, after all this said, we can make a conclusion, that this broker definitely can be trusted. I have no doubt that they will pay all my winnings even if the amount is huge. This kind of broker won’t risk to get reputational damage and gigantic fine from CySEC. You can use Opteck as you broker and be sure that you money is safe.


Other details

We established that Opteck is a trustworthy broker, but what about details? Is it comfortable for the customer? Well, I can assure you, there are many useful features if you choose this broker. Take demo account for example. Not so many brokers provide this option. It’s very useful for novices.

Opteck supports different payment methods, including wire transfer, Skrill, Webmoney, Western Union and credit cards. Obviously, funding your account won’t become a problem. Speaking of funding: if after reading this review you decided to try this broker, i have some good news for you – they have bonuses. Fill the form to register right now and you will get bonus up to 100% of your initial deposit. Good luck in your trading, pal!


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