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Pattern Trader scam review


It’s been a while since I posted a scam review. Binary options trading market is still full of scams and there’s only few reliable apps. How to choose the good one? Just read my reviews guys and stay away from frauds.

As the time goes by, scammers don’t create new ways of making a good-looking software. They still use old tricks that I revealed to you many times. Scammers never learn and that’s a huge mistake of them. Pattern Trader creators didn’t even make a try to design something nice and well-looking. So, it wasn’t that hard to reveal the truth about them. If you’re still in a need to know what’s wrong with it, then continue reading.

What is Pattern Trader?

Pattern Trader is one of the latest binary options trading apps that, of course, is supposed to make each and every one of you rich and successful. This app promises users at least $2200 a day which sounds good, if only it were true.

I do believe in miracles, but I don’t believe in unrealistic shit – no software can make you rich, it only can make you some additional income that will make your financial situation better. That’s why when I see empty promises about getting thousands of dollars daily I get angry. Why are people so naïve to believe in such a lie? You can’t get a fortune while doing nothing. If it were that easy there would be no poor and homeless people.

The owner

Well, one of the most important signs of a reliable and good software is a real owner. Pattern Trader has no owner, not even an actor who represents the position of the company. I don’t like when apps like this one (I mean you’re going to trust them your hard-earned money) are so shady and anonymous.

It’s definitely not a good sign and I wouldn’t recommend to trust some app that prefers to hide the owner and the team who created the software.

The lie

There are many lies behind Pattern Trader. First of all, this app isn’t going to bring you $2200 and more a day. In fact, it’s not going to bring you money at all! It was proven by many and many deceived users that had high expectations, but, unfortunately, were cheated by scammers. It’s sad, but true and you should know that before you start trading with this fraudulent software.

Secondly, this app has no explanation about how the software works and, what is more important, how it’s supposed to make you money. Users deserve to know these things and it’s strange that the software doesn’t tell them these things. That’s why this is a major red flag that should be taken seriously.

Also, I noticed that all the good feedback about Pattern Trader was fake. There’s not a single good comment about them on the internet. All the optimistic ones were made by scammers who work on Pattern Trader. You shouldn’t believe them otherwise you’ll be left without a cent.

Moreover, Pattern Trader creators didn’t even make an attempt to create a good-looking front-end. The website is really poor, the promotional video is cheap and senseless, there’s no useful info on the website. All of that makes me think that Pattern Trader is a low-level scam that should be avoided by serious users who came into binary options trading to make real money.


As you can see, Pattern Trader is a cheap scam that doesn’t deserve a single chance. If you want not to waste money, but get them, use only good and proven apps. I would advise you AutoMoneyMaker as I personally use it.

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