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Profitball scam review


You’ve all seen this kind of scam many times. There is a creator who came up with some gimmick allowing for taking the upper hand in the binary options trading, there is a developer who pours techy bullshit into the audience’s ears and in the end there is a piece of money-grabbing software that doesn’t work. Profitball is sadly one of those. Let’s see what is exactly wrong with this scam.



Surprisingly, the site of Profitball looks somewhat nice. There are colorful blocks with animated images here and there, the overall design is exceptional and the information is making sense at the first glance. It is clear that they have put a lot of work in the page. But this is where the good things stop. Although the site is well executed, you can’t get away from the feeling that you are being deluded. The main reason for that is a cheap video presentation heading the main page of Profitball. The moment you start watching it, it will be obvious that this whole thing is but a nasty scam.

What is Profitball?

According to its creators, Profitball is a unique binary options autotrading software that predicts stock price movements based on the performance of various sports team. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but it becomes even more surreal further down the line. We’ve already seen binary options robots based on weather predictions, political and social events, etc. You know that these have never worked out. This time they are trying to make us believe that sports event outcome can affect the binary options market. Preposterous!


The main idea behind Profitball is that every sports team has sponsors. And when a team either wins or loses, this is affecting stocks prices of that team’s sponsors due to the purchasing habits of sports enthusiasts. As a man with a financial background, I can barely hold back the laughter. This is just insane idea worthy of a true psycho.


The owner

The first one you meet is a charming bald fella with a lisp by the name of Terry Mason. He tells a story of how he came up with this idea and want you to test his software for free and make money while at it. What he doesn’t tell, however, is that you’d have to pay your own money in order to be able to use Profitball. Classic scam scheme.

The second guy who strikingly resembles Bill Gates, is a co-founder and the lead programmer – Joshua Ethan. He basically repeats the same nonsense that his colleague was telling.

The promises

Like any other scam, Profitball is promising profits ranging from $7000 to $15000 a week. That is a reasonable income for such fraudulent enterprise. I’ve seen scammers promising millions of dollars for a week of trading. But it doesn’t change the simple fact that Profitball is a scam like any other. You won’t be able to get even a thousand dollars from it. Once you make a deposit, your starting capital will go straight into the scammers’ pockets and that’s it.

The testimonials

There are written testimonials on the page as well as a couple of them in the video. Let’s look at one of them closely. This guy thanks Terry and Joshua, however, the subtitles contain completely different names. How is that possible? Simple. This video testimonial has been used elsewhere in some other scam. Besides, the guy is a famous scam actor and I’ve seen him playing different roles in many scams.

As for the written testimonials, there is no way to check their authenticity, so those cannot be taken seriously.



There are literally thousands of scams in the binary options field and it is immensely hard to find a software that works. Profitball is just another fraudulent software which you should definitely skip. Fortunately for you, we at Binaryspeaker have conducted all the required research and found a trading robot that can bring you profits. It is called AutoMoneyMaker and you may want to try it.

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