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StockPair turned out to be a fraudulent broker

It was quite surprising to know that StockPair is a scam. This broker was widely known in binary options trading and there were many positive reviews connected with it. Now we all know for sure that these articles were falsified and everything in StockPair is a lie. Let’s see what’s wrong with this broker and why you should keep away from it.

What is StockPair?

Let’s begin with the history of this broker. StockPair is a binary option trading platform based in Cyprus and it specializes in providing retail financial traders a compact free method to trade the markets. StockPair is managed by a company called Nextrade Worldwide Ltd. The trading platform is regulated by the Belize International Financial Services. The StockPair trading platform is available in multiple languages including English, German, Spanish, Svenska, Italian, Arabic and Nederlands.

The website isn’t that different from another scam websites. It’s all about the poor front-end, low-level configuration and zero useful info and so on. If you read my scam reviews, you probably know all the signs of a classic scam. And StockPair has it all.

When you enter some website, especially if it requires your credit card and other information about you, you wish to learn more info and see some reliability there. But when you see a lot of pics and useless texts that can only confuse you – it’s not a good sign at all. StockPair doesn’t provide any legit info on its website and that was the first red flag that you may have noticed.

What’s wrong with StockPair?

There’s just nothing right with it and everything in StockPair is 100% fake.

You may have already read the feedback about StockPair. Scammers know that positive reviews mean much and that’s why they create fake ones. Scammers just strive for making a good-looking image in front of the audience. And people read all that lies about StockPair and believe them and trust their hard-earned money. As a result, they get nothing, but losses. The thing is I don’t know a single person who is pleased with their services. Everyone who tried StockPair was scammed. All the positive reviews about StockPair that you can find are falsified by themselves. That’s how it works.

I saw some real reviews on the Internet. People all around the world say that StockPair is a dangerous fraud broker. When I first read all of those comments I was shocked. One of the users says that StockPair asked for all of his ID data and moreover they asked for his passport info and National insurance number. This user also tells others not to trust such brokers. No broker needs such info of yours, so don’t give them everything they ask for.

Fraud brokers use the same tricks. They traditionally do one of these things – refuse to withdraw the money from your account, block your account as if you cheated or something (like broke the rules) or program your account in a way that you can trade no more.

StockPair use the most dishonest ways to get their dirty hands into users’ pockets. They provide services that will make frauds rich and successful, not users. As long as there are people who still believe frauds like Stock Pair, they will continue to rob people. I said “rob”, because it’s basically a robbery. And people should know the truth before they start working with the frauds.

My verdict

StockPair started its history a long time ago and I can tell you guys for sure that it’s one of the oldest scams on the market. I have no idea HOW are they still working, because there are thousands of scammed users out there. I want all of you who read this keep far away from StockPair. It’s a dangerous scam that should not be trusted by any user. Unless you don’t want to waste your time and money, avoid StockPair. And be careful while choosing a broker. Have a good trading.

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