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The Key Features of TradeRush

TradeRush declares itself as the quickest growing trade broker on the web! It shows itself to have a new and pioneering way to trading commodities via the internet. It’s very simple and easily navigation system makes for an incredible trading platform, with all the support that a trader could need.

With TradeRush there is a wide selection of assets that are available to trade – major indices, international stocks and currencies. One key point is the great array of commodities available to trade. Trading on online platforms has definitely seen a vast increase over the last few years and it means that trading online has become much more simple and globally accessible. As Well as the typical commodities on offer like oil, gold and silver you can also trade in all sorts of other commodities e.g. Coffee, sugar, wheat etc... Binary options payouts are at the higher level with up to 81% be offered by brokers. There is a ‘double up’ feature that allows you to increase your exposure by two with one of your current options which in terms creates a new termination time for that option. On the other hand, the ‘rollover’ feature you can delay the termination time which is effectively and addition in time which can give you an extra opportunity to gain more money. Depending on which option you selected and paid for there are certain rebates on offer, when you end ‘out of the money’. These credit give backs differ on the contract, however they will be about 0-10% of the original pay in. With TradeRush there is a wide range of different trading platforms.

Although TradeRush doesn’t quite beat the bonuses offered by other binary option and Forex brokers, they do make it possible to contact the TradeRush team very easily in order establish what bonuses the company offers, and it is clear that are competitive. Unfortunately, TradeRush does not offer a virtual account for traders to get use to the system, but it is clearly something that their competitors are offering and they are likely to bring one out very soon. Also, there is a very useful tutorial video which explains clearly how the platform works and enables traders to have a good idea of what to do when they want to start trading. Also, from using the system we have found that it is a platform that is very simple and causes very little problems for users.

If traders do come across any difficulties there are many options for them to gain the sufficient support that they need. This support is available from GMT 8am-1am Monday to Friday and 8am-7pm Sunday. This support is accessed via chat, emai, or phone (local numbers on US and Canada).

TradeRush Trading Platforms – Options offered

-60 second option – 175% return available from a quick and simple trade which uses a 60 second expiry time. This is a good option as whatever your trading only has to go up in value very slightly in order to bank yourself these incredibly beautiful returns.

-Option Builder – Set your own termination times and hit rates, used more by experienced traders – a very useful trading platform.

-High Yield Touch – There is a wide selection of one touch options which then are situated for a week’s termination date.

-Call/put option – classic call/put option is presented by the broker, given the wide array of commodities and assets available to trade this platform is useful, simple and easy to use by traders at any level.

User Account Types

Opening an account is really simple, all you need to do is go their website and fill in their registration form. You will then be sent your acc. Number and password which will enable you to get onto the trading platform. You do not need to download any software in order to trade on TradeRush

The accounts differ in terms of size of deposit, the greater the deposit the more features you will have accessible and the more enjoyable your experience on TradeRush can be. Higher deposits will enable higher bonuses, risk free trade and even same day withdrawals. There are four account types – micro, gold, executive and platinum. Minimum deposit is $250 and you would need to deposit $10,000 in order to have a platinum account.

Deposits can be made using the wide selection of account funding options – credit/debit cards, bank wire and CashU. Withdrawals are sent back to your deposit method, if this is not possible they are completed by Bank Wire. One withdrawal a month is free, however a fee after that is charged ($25). Minimum withdrawal (200 units of deposit) or $500 by Bank Wire.

Is TradeRush a Scam?

In short, absolutely not. TradeRush is 100% legit and it’s NOT a scam. Why do so many people claim that TradeRush is a scam? Well that’s because it gained a lot of attention due to people uploading videos of TradeRush on YouTube and labelling the videos: “how to make money online, fast and easy”. These videos would also claim that people would win 100% of the time. Obviously bloggers and regular internet users associate these type of videos as a scam, because a lot (not all) of them are. Take it from me, there is no real easy and quick way to make money online, otherwise everyone would be doing it.

So are you saying trading binary options isn’t easy? It is if you know what you are doing. Therefore it won’t lead to success overnight, but if you practice with small amounts, get used to how the markets work and use/ follow binary signals and traders tips then you will succeed! If you’re an intelligent risk taker then try out Binary Options with TradeRush.

Final Thoughts

TradeRush is one of the great online brokers that offers easy to use and familiar trading platforms of offer a fair and effective playing field for all participants. If you are new to binary trading TradeRush is the one for you. The software is smooth and easy to use, with no downloads necessary so you can gain access easily anywhere. The investment amount needed are smaller than need by other brokers, so get involved. The varying binary options available offer multiple ways to make money. So why sit around reading reviews when you can sign up and start earning today!

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By Paul Davies

Paul Davies has been working in the financial industry for almost 20 years now and has been trading binary options since 2008. Paul’s board knowledge of finance has assured him of success throughout his career. Because of his reputation and knowledge of multiple binary options brokers, he was the best person to contact when asking for a detailed review of TradeRush.

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